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Ytsara Product

The spa at La Rose Suites uses Ytsara products.  Full of essential oils, plant extracts, natural vegetal oils, flower water and dried herbs, Ytsara is a luxurious organic Asian cosmetic line created exclusively for top-end spas. Drawing on centuries of Asian wisdom, Ytsara is an invitation to take a fresh look at life, using traditional, natural beauty secrets.

Ytsara was founded in 2001 by two spa industry leaders who spent nearly a decade, first in Europe and then in Asia Pacific, working in the development and construction of top-end spas as suppliers, trainers and consultants. The Ytsara organic skin care line offers a global and unique approach to age-old Asian holistic practices for use in the modern spa.

Ytsara’s herbs, roots, flowers and fruits are cultivated on an organic farm or handpicked in the forest taking care to preserve the environment. Insecticides or fertilizers of any kind are never used in the cultivation of ingredients and our products are never tested on animals. Ytsara ingredients are delicately blended only after products have been ordered to ensure maximum potency and freshness are retained. All products are 100% natural.