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Learning Khmer Massage

Experience the art of traditional Khmer massage with instruction from our professional therapists. Khmer massage and ancient healing practices have long played an important role in the daily life of Cambodian people.

Cambodian traditional massage customs date back to the glorious age of Angkor. Our well-trained teachers are happy to share with you the secrets of Khmer massage. Take a deep breath and choose a one-day or multiple-day class where authentic techniques and practices will be divulged.

Traditional Khmer massage focuses on invisible energy lines that carry energy throughout the entire body. Kneading precise points along these lines results in releasing muscular tension, rebalancing energy and a state of total relaxation. Experience the pleasure of learning these techniques in a clean, comfortable environment assisted by our willing instructors.

After learning the massage techniques, participants will be given ample time to practice them. Learn how to pamper your recipient from head to toe and make them feel alive again. This course is a lifetime gift to bring home to family and friends and ideal if you desire to bring home more than just a souvenir.

Our spa therapists not only teach traditional Khmer massage, but are also qualified instructors in a variety of massage techniques and general spa treatments. Classes are available on request.